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    We are with you every month offering you new content and support. We cover a diverse range of topics to ensure that all your needs are looked after. If not, just let us know what you want to cover and we will integrate it.

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    Every month you get a chance to talk with leading coaches, scientists, and performers - not to mention the amazing peers on the course. From our team to our guest speakers, you are in good company.

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    We love what we do, which is why we made this course for you! It is designed to help you in your demanding life and give you all the core elements needed to thrive and find your Flow. Join us for a free trial and see for yourself.


Masterminds is an exclusive group for those wanting an affordable and consistent training programme. We digest all the latest psychological teachings, invite guest experts, and give you the best of it on a platter.

“The Flow State is what takes life to the next level, for enjoyment and performance. Over my career I have developed a mindset that has helped me through high-pressure scenarios and Olympic focus. It has been critical to reaching a string of excellent performances.” – Rebecca Soni, 6 Olympic Medals

Every month you will receive exclusive content to the group, enjoy live webinars and meetings with the team, and benefit from interacting with the other members. There are videos, journals, practical tips, exercises and plenty of content for you to engage with. Each month we take a hot topic in the field of psychology, performance, consciousness, and self-development and see how it relates to flow. It is your chance to join an awesome community, meet famous performers, and develop yourself without breaking the bank.

This program is ideal for active professionals who want to stay plugged into the latest research and join a programme that will maximise their success.

If you are ready to take action and want to find flow more frequently, then jump on in. You can unsubscribe at any time.

We hope to see you on the course soon.

Cameron, Sue and The Flow Centre Team

How much?

One simple fee of AU$95 a month. Prices in $Australian. AU$95 is approx £50 / €55 / US$65

Meet Lorraine

Your Facilitators

  • Cameron Norsworthy

    Cameron Norsworthy

    Cameron is a coach, author, speaker and entrepreneur. He has been a junior British tennis player, and awarded the Outstanding Academic Achievement Prize for reports surrounding flow and performance. Cameron has coached numerous World Champions, executives, and entrepreneurs. Fascinated by optimal experience, Cameron founded The Flow Centre to help put Flow states on the map and give people the tools to manifest the life they have always dreamed of.
  • Susan  Jackson

    Susan Jackson

    Sue is an author, sport psychologist and mindfulness-meditation teacher. Sue has been involved in the psychology of Flow since completing a PhD on flow state in elite athletes in the early 1990s. Sue is one of the most cited authors on Flow including creating the most widely used instrument by which we measure flow today. Sue's work in Flow has helped to make this optimal psychological state understandable and more accessible to all levels of performers, from weekend warriors to Olympic champions

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