Level 2 - Finding Flow

Learn The Pathway to Flow

Level 2 gives you a system to finding Flow in whatever your pursuit. We will examine the 3 steps to Flow and develop a personal ritual to help you find flow. You will emerge knowing what mindset to adopt in your future challenges, how to prepare your mind and body for the experience, and how to become totally immersed in the activity, surrendering yourself to Flow. We will show you how to use the principles of Flow as a ladder to help self-manage and self-regulate your experience, how to self-master your mind, and develop a sustainable system for finding Flow.

Cameron is a coach, author, speaker and entrepreneur. He has been a junior British tennis player, and awarded the Outstanding Academic Achievement Prize for reports surrounding flow and performance. Cameron has coached numerous World Champions, CEOs, and entrepreneurs. Fascinated by optimal experience, Cameron founded The Flow Centre to help put Flow states on the map and give people the tools to manifest the life they have always dreamed of.

Quest Curriculum

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  • Level 01


    Welcome to the Flow Certificate

  • Level 02

    Step 1 - Mindset

    Build a strong foundation that can weather distractions by developing a mindset that invites Flow and sets you up to naturally seek Flow experiences.

  • Level 03

    Step 2 - Preparation

    Learn how the management of your mind and body is critical to finding Flow.

  • Level 04

    Step 3 - Immersion

    Maximise your ability, by trusting your innate capabilities and reach a total immersion in the act.

  • Level 05


    Showcase your knowledge and understanding through application

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