Flow Diploma

The ultimate course on flow and optimal performance

The Flow Diploma is our signature course on flow, and the most in-depth course on flow available globally.

Absorb insights from some of the world's leading athletes, scientists and professionals, make systemic changes to your own life, and learn how to help others achieve their personal excellence.

The Flow Diploma consists of over 50 modules, all designed to hand over all the information and practice we know about flow.

From day 1 you will be integrating flow skills into practice, working with others on the course, and learning from our expert trainers and world-renowned professionals. 

Cameron Norsworthy is a coach, keynote speaker, author and founder and CEO of the Flow Centre.

Cameron has been a junior British tennis player, dedicated a PhD to Flow, and awarded the Outstanding Academic Achievement Prize for reports surrounding flow and performance. Cameron has coached numerous World Champions, leaders, entrepreneurs, and high profile military personnel.

Quest Curriculum

  • 5 Levels
  • Coaching By Cameron
  • Community Support
  • Level 01

    Scientific Signature to Flow

    We delve into the flow experience with no stone left unturned. We examine flow from almost every scientific discipline that has studied it.

  • Level 02

    Pathway to Flow

    We build upon the Flow Certificate and take your understanding of The Pathway to Flow to a whole new level. We unpack the underlying theories, practice multiple skills for each component of the pathway, and learn how to help others use them. Understanding the pathway will provide you with a bedrock

  • Level 03

    Flow Model

    We unravel in detail how to use the Flow Model, what it means, and why it is important. We look at how people have used it in different settings, and how it can become a treasured self-assessment tool.

  • Level 04

    Flow Mindset, Personality & Predispositi

    We will unpack what constitutes a Flow Mindset, how to adopt it, and what personalities facilitate flow better than others. We unpack an autotelic personality and look at the research behind mindsets that facilitate joy and peak performances. We will unpack

  • Level 05

    Managing Attention & Consciousness

    Some might say that our attention is all we ever have. What we choose to attend to determines much of what we think, feel and act upon. Is shapes our awareness and actions. In this module, we uncover how our mind and body are wired to neurological respond in set wa

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Success Stories

  • Lorraine Huber - World Champion Athlete

    "Learning about flow has been life-changing"

    ""Learning about flow has been life-changing for me in all areas of life. It will give you a tried and tested system to use in any challenge. I wish I had started much earlier with this, because you can learn how to find flow.”"

  • Govert Semeijns an Doesburgh

    I would highly recommend this course to others

    ""I knew quite a bit about flow already, but this course was the cherry on the cake. Not only theoretically but also practically. I would highly recommend this course to others.”"

  • Valentijn Mees - Executive

    The training deepened my knowledge and practice

    ""Flow is in many ways the missing piece of the puzzle. Since the start of my career I felt that I have been wandering around without going in a clear direction. The training deepened my knowledge and also widened my practice of proximal concepts. Put simply, it helped me to understand how the mind, body and energies all collaborate to produce our inner experience.”"

  • Josie McKee

    I am very motivated to continue my work and growth

    ""Thanks so much for the course! I knew it would be a good step for me and I'm happy to say that it was exactly the inspirationI needed. I am very motivated to continue my work and growth in flow.”"

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